Pre-Bid Engineering Service

Prebid Engineering is a job for experts. In EPC contracts, the need of precise cost & quantity estimates in stipulated time is the utmost important aspect for EPC contractors while bidding for the project. It is very important to not only win the bid but also to execute the project within initial estimates.

CCP Services include tendering assistance for procurement of orders, through bidding assistance, review of RFQ/RFP documents of client and its details. Study, analyze and suggest on technical requirements of submission of the Bid Document. Strategize the cost, BOQ and identification of sources of materials, Estimation of the projects with value Engineering. Assist to client at all stages in the bidding to facilitate appropriate data/information submission, providing assistance/Technical support during the contract finalization.

These include Traffic Survey, furnish the details of revenue potential, Project IRR with Sensitivity Analysis to enable to prepare offer on BOT basis/ Annuity basis and furnish all the details that may be necessary and required for submission of competitive RFP on BOT basis.

Pre-Bid Engineering

– Preliminary concept and Design
– Review Basic Enquiry Drawings/ Documents
– Data collection from client/ Site
– Engineering Effort Estimates
– Evaluate the project
– Provide suggestions and evaluate an alternative method
– Conceive proposed pipe routing
– Prepare conceptual design sketches
– Estimate Bill of Quantities
– Utilize and maximize existing equipment and materials

Bid Evaluation

– Evaluate proposals on a uniform basis
– Carry out value comparison
– Perform Material Specification comparison
– Create evaluation data sheet as per clients standards
– Provide project alternatives pricing
– Assist and create inventory pricing for maintenance
– Project Implementation pricing, and more..