CAD Design & Drawing Services

CCP's talented engineering team utilizes the latest in SolidWorks 3D modeling technology to develop highly detailed models and components in very short cycle-times. Our engineers have a diverse experience ranging from heavy construction to high end retail. Our passion for efficient solutions to complex problems has allowed us to work with some of the biggest names in a wide range of industries. With a focus on manufacturing, material handling, and specialty process equipment, we often work closely with a client’s own engineering team to optimize their current concept and bring it to reality.

CAD design service providers for architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural drafting jobs are available to support your CAD drawing requirements. We provide diversified and high-quality CAD drafting services to the AEC industry (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction), which includes 2D and 3D technical drawings.

Our team of expert CAD design engineers collaborates with design experts, contractors, architects, and fabricators, as well as engineering design and drafting firms to provide high-quality production-ready 2D or, 3D CAD design drawings. Our CAD drafters and professional CAD design engineers provide CAD drawing services at a very cost-effective price for millwork drafting, shop drawings & fabrication drawings and based on your design concepts and 3D models.  

Design and Engineering Services

  • 1.Product Design 
  • 2.Manufacturing Process Design
  • 3.Fixturing & Tooling Design
  • 4.3D Modeling Using SolidWorks  
  • 5.Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
  • 6.Structural & Weight Optimization 
  • 6.Shop Drawings. 
  • 7.Crating & Transportation Design 

Design Capabilities

  • 1.Machinery
  • 2.Fixturing & Tooling
  • 3.Manufacturing Equipment 
  • 4.Process Equipment
  • 5.Moving Devices 
  • 6.Lifting Devices 
  • 7.Sheet Metal
  • 8.Enclosures 
  • 9.Weldments 
  • 10.Chassis & Space Frames 
  • 11.Process Development

Modeling Philosophy

Well-made CAD models and drawings can be difficult to come by. At 3D Engineering Solutions, we create 3D models using experienced and degreed engineers for well thought out 3D product modeling services that are designed to help your company succeed with any project.

CAD models should be able to be later updated with little effort. While no two engineers will ever build a model exactly the same way, our depth of experience ensures that the 3D modeling that we create for you is built in a logical and relatively easy to update manner.

Drawing Philosophy

Drawings for 3D product models should be laid out in an easy to understand format with proper notations and a clean look. To help ensure that our 3D product modeling standards are met in our CAD drafting services, we use some of our other internal engineers to perform checking of these product modeling drawings.

Having the engineer who created the models and laid out the drawing for the project check these could lead to a higher chance of missing the mark. This 3D product modeling process trains our staff to layout CAD drawings more carefully knowing that models will also be internally checked by their peers.

3D Modeling Services Offered

CCP offers a variety of 3D product modeling services to bring your projects to life. We’re confident that no matter what industry you’re in, we can leverage our 3D modeling process to develop your product so it looks and works its best.


Our product design knowledge and ability carries directly over to our 3D product modeling services and drawing layout services. We have the ability to easily integrate our customer’s specific product ideas into their 3D CAD models and make significant innovative contributions to the final product.

Where our customers have developed deep product and industry knowledge, we use the best 3D product modeling and drafting practices to augment their internal capacities for the project.

Where our customers ask us to perform the entire design function, we bring a large, talented team of degreed engineers to bear in developing products and projects to our customers’ 3D modeling specifications. With the help of our experienced 3D product modeling engineers, we aim to support your design projects through our services and meet your CAD projects specific 3D modeling needs.


All of our engineers are certified in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Since each engineer is also trained and gains extensive experience through our ISO17025 inspection service, we have gained practical knowledge in print interpretation and application of good GD&T practices in our drafting and 3D modeling process. Our dimensional layouts go beyond the theoretical into the functional and practical.

Reverse Engineering

Our CAD design and 3D modeling services and drafting services extend into Reverse Engineering projects. Just present us with the sample items from your project and we will scan them in house, create CAD models, and develop drawings and tolerances. We will guide you through the reverse engineering process with best practice advice from a long history of successful 3D modeling projects.

Model and Drawing Checking

Do you already have a design and drafting team and just need support checking their product modeling work? We also support that work. Often times, a CAD design project leaves little time to check product modeling and drawings. Typically, the design manager is left to check the work of multiple staff in addition to their other responsibilities.

These tight project constraints can lead to higher levels of checking errors which multiply into expensive tooling changes later. Use our staff to temporarily augment your 3D product modeling capabilities. We can assign multiple engineers to the checking models and greatly improve your product introduction times!

The same issue can happen with tolerance stacking. A good tolerance stack can take up to 2-4 hours each and a complicated 3D modeling CAD design can need hundreds of stacks. Use our team of qualified engineers to help augment your ability to implement multiple stacks simultaneously to improve your design project cycle.