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Dodge Durango Torsion Bars -Front Suspension Trainer Dodge

We have a variety of trainers to show students the fundamentals of steering and suspension. The hydraulic suspension trainer that we offer, shows students how the system works and cycles when the vehicle hits a bump in the road, and its small size gives you the...

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Air Brake Trainer

The Bendix Air Brake Trainer is a fully functioning tractor and trailer braking system with a configuration that is common to standard equipment found on many models of heavy trucks in current production. The trainer is outfitted with a Bendix in cab ABS, ACT, ESP...

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Our hybrid trainers are available in a variety of manufacturer models and makes. These hybrid car trainers get the roofs removed and have all four (4) wheels so you can drive them around and see how the hybrid system functions with...

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What is a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine?

We provide state-of-the-art engine run stand trainers. We can build trainers that have the latest and greats technologies. If you are looking for a way to train your students or staff on the newest exhaust systems required in the heavy truck diesel engines we can...

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Fabricated Tables and their Specifications

Custom Fabrication We offer many services to our customers. We process, form, and build anything from steel to more exotic metals like aluminum, stainless, Chromoly, and income. We also offer design services and solutions to our customers for items that fit their...

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