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Our automotive/industrial cutaways provide insight into the internal workings of mechanical and electrical components. Cutaways have sections of the part cut out in order to expose the internal components. All of our cutaways come on finished stands designed to maximize portability in a learning environment. Custom requested cutaways are available. They also come painted with the standardized color code for identifying different areas inside the cutaway component.

We develop cutting edge training systems to provides hands-on and underpinning knowledge in a wide range of automotive technologies.

  • We can motorize any cutaway to make it rotate at a slow speed to see all components at work (this comes clear guards to protect students from pinch hazards)
  • Light option to distinguish the different areas with light or to light the cylinder up different colors on the different strokes of the engine as it rotates with the motor
  • Air controls to shift transmission and show have clutch packs work
  • Hand cranks to rotate components by hand
  • Clear covers over entire trainer to protect it when in use

#921 GM 700R4 Trans Cutaway

#921 Nissan CVT Cutaway with Drive Motor

2010 Toyota Prius Trans Cutaway

2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid Trans Cutaway

Clip Car Cutaway

Engine Cutaways

Hybrid Transmission

Misc Cutaways

Vicious Coupler Cutaway

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