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These trainers are designed with a single system in mind. They allow you to focus on a specific area on the engine. The GMLAN trainer is one of our most extensive table top electrical trainers we offer. The CAN Bus network is the heart of any modern vehicle; it is how all the modules communicate and tell each other what each is doing. This trainer shows how the ECM talks to the BCM and stereo to share information and is a great way for students to visually see the network laid out in one clean small area.

The fuel injection trainer gives you the ability to see how the injector fires relative to the RPM and load on the engine. This is unique in that on a vehicle you would never be able to see this while its running. It gives students the chance to know what a longer duty cycle on the injector actually looks like in fuel volume coming out of the injector.

#281 Fuel Injection Trainer

#345 GMLAN CAN Bus Trainer

Auto Charging Trainer

Auto Starting Trainer

Hydrogen Fuel Rail

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