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The HVAC trainers we offer not only have the ability to teach students electronically how A/C systems work but also show them the fundamental principles of refrigerant not only through theory but visually seeing the change of state of the refrigerant through sight glasses. We offer trainers for all types of systems in today’s modern vehicles like the FOT, TXV, H-Block in R134A.

Our complete OEM style HVAC systems combine the best of both worlds with the OEM components located in the orientation they would be in a car and operate just how they would in car. These trainers are driven by a large 220v motor in place of the truck’s engine to turn the compressor and pump refrigerant throughout the system. These trainers have electronic faults for inserting problems into the trainer for diagnosis. You can also add the clear sight glass tubes to any of these trainers along with a restriction control valve for an added level of training.

HD HVAC Trainer

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