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Our car clips are available in a variety of manufacturer models and makes. Custom features are available by request including the Break Out Box option (shown below)

Standard to all car clips:

  • Domestic, Import, and European coverage available
  • Fully operational vehicle
  • Heavy duty caster on a fork lift accessible frame
  • Custom aluminum fuel cell with OEM fuel pump
  • Factory Evaporative emissions installed
  • Vandal limiting features
  • Top quality control to ensure longevity

Our car clips are available with several options including:

  • Manual Doors
  • Electric Doors
  • Rear Lighting
  • Break Out Boxes
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Custom Faults; Intermittent, wireless, variable values, high resistance
  • Security Hood Pin
  • Removable Dyno Dolly so they can be driven onto a dyno




2013 Impala Clip with Doors

Hybrid Clips

  • Operational hybrid vehicle
  • Removable casters for driving ability
  • Major hybrid drive components exposed
  • Clear windows to internal hybrid components

Break Out Box Option

  • Test points provide ECM pin-outs
  • Real world faults provide circuit interruption
  • Includes full documentation and schematics
  • Keyed access to fault switches
  • Different box mounts/podiums available
  • Intermittent faults are available
  • OEM labeling for easy identification
  • Faults can be inserted wireless or through USB cable if desired

Sensor Break Out Option

  • Test points provide sensor pin-outs
  • Preserve sensor connectors from back-probing damage

Inquire now for pricing, information, and availability