Our Weapons Racks provide a security solution for all your firearm needs. Whether you need to securely store pistols, rifles, assault files, or a combination of the three, our weapons rack will adapt to your needs. The weapons rack was designed with the primary goal of protecting your weapons from theft, damage, and unauthorized use. Beyond protection, the weapons racks are easy to set up, modify, and transport.


  • Efficiency:
    The weapons rack contains perforated doors, sides, and back to allow easy viewing and inventory of weapons without needing to open the cabinet. The doors are bi-folding retracting doors that do not block aisles or cause hazards when the cabinet is open. The racks come in convenient sizes which allow the most efficient use of your floor space. They can be cascaded vertically or horizontally by mounting them to each other or on a solid surface.


  • Protection:
    All surfaces which contact your weapons and gear are coated is a durable special non-marring finish that prevents scratches or cuts to your weapons. The door and locking system prevents access from unauthorized users while making it simple to access the firearms yourself.


Accessories are available to mount virtually any style of firearm. Different rack configurations are designed and available to mount any combination of weapons.




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