Aircraft Work Stands are available for a variety of different helicopter and airplane models. The work stands are designed to fit the required work area while ensuring the safety of the worker. The use of the work stand has numerous benefits including providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas, protecting the aircraft from damage, providing safety for employees, and mobility of work services. All work stands carry a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Inquire for pricing and availability.

B-2 Stealth Bomber Maintenance Platform Features:


  • Stand working weight capacity:1200 lbs
  • Stands measures 312” on the inboard wing, with a 110° angle, 468” outboard wing, and a width of 66”
  • Decking is a nonslip surface and self-draining
  • The outboard wing has cabinets the length of the forward side
  • Each stand module has compressed female air receptacles. The receptacles are evenly spaced throughout the stand module and have a single-point connection to connect shop air.


Each stand module has 120v 2 plug electrical plug-ins evenly spaced throughout the stand module and has a single point connection for the electricity source with a 220v plug


  • Cabinets are enclosed on three (3) sides and are load rated for 50lbs
  • The Inboard wing has three (3) large drawers enclosed on three (3) sides that pull out from the forward side measuring 100 inches long and 50 inches in depth and have load rating of 150 lbs per drawer. Drawers have a 3” lip surrounding the drawers on all sides
  • Both inboard and outboard wings have steps on both ends as well as one stairway in the middle
  • Inboard and outboard wings have safety rails 42 inches high
  • Safety railing assembly incorporates a toe board for safety
  • Stands are sectional for easy storage.
  • Stands are inter-lockable so as not to move apart from one another with a tool-less latching system
  • Steps on each end of the stands inter-lock to the stands
  • Casters lift off of the ground with jacks so that once the stand is in place the caster is off of the ground
  • Stands are corrosion resistant—made from 6061 aluminum
  • Stands meet all applicable OSHA safety standards
  • Stands come with all COTS Manuals
  • Comes with spare parts kit
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts and workmanship
  • All handrails, drawers, shelves, and cabinets are powder-coated yellow
  • Caution signage with be placed on stands and stairs
  • Stands can be set up in less than 1 hour with 4 aircraft persons
  • Stand set can be stored in the areas of (24’ x 27’) and (16’ x 20’)
  • Deck height is 35” from ground
  • All components and hardware are commercial off-the-shelf items when applicable
  • All platforms are matching fit such that there is no shearing of bolts, screws, or other fasteners
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