The electrical trainers we offer in our heavy truck section focus on networking, charging, starting, and lighting. The CAN Bus trainer works on the J1939 CAN network that all heavy trucks use. This trainer is great in that it is small and allows students to see how all parts of a truck communicate over the network. This trainer is a trainer the students have to wire themselves giving them a more hands on training exercise. The trainer is designed with students in mind. There are safeties in place that if a student wires something wrong it won’t destroy the train (like if they put a power lead to a ground test point).

The HD lighting trainer is a lighting trainer that is based on a truck’s system. With this trainer, you are able to build your own OEM lighting system and see how it operates. This helps students understand principles of electronics much easier.

Diesel Wiring Trainer

  • Allows students to understand, build, and wire circuits
  • Multiple system components for full range of experimentation
  • Includes lighting, solenoids, flashers, switches and resistance


  • A printed board allows students to trace circuit paths
  • 100+ Real world faults available

Heavy Duty Lighting Trainer

  • Allows students to understand, build, and diagnose lighting circuits
  • The complete truck lighting system on modular circuit panels
  • Includes front lighting, rear lighting, control panel, and daytime running lamps
  • Optional single sided vs double sided
  • Real-world faults are included in student diagnosis

Navistar International Electrical Series

  • Complete diesel electrical system: Engine, starting, charging, body, lighting, accessories
  • Units can link together for a joint system or stand-alone operation
  • Real World Faults for diagnosis


  • Diagnostic connectors for scan tool testing
  • Included factory service information, wiring diagrams, and courseware



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