Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Our hybrid trainers are available in a variety of manufacturer models and makes. These hybrid car trainers get the roofs removed and have all four (4) wheels so you can drive them around and see how the hybrid system functions with regenerative braking. These cars come with no lights on in the dash (no ABS light, no airbag light, no seat belt light, Etc…). We make sure all the airbag inflators are removed so there can be no accidental discharge. Custom features are available by request including the Break Out Box option (shown below)

Standard to all Hybrid Cars:

  • Domestic, Import, and European coverage available
  • Fully operational vehicle
  • Factory Evaporative emissions installed
  • Vandal limiting features


  • Top quality control to ensure longevity
  • Cutaway battery cover with acrylic cover
  • Cutaway inverter with acrylic cover (if applicable)

Our Hybrid Cars are available with several options including:

  • Manual Doors
  • Electric Doors
  • Rear Lighting
  • Break Out Boxes
  • Automatic Temperature Control


  • Custom Faults; Intermittent, wireless, variable values, high resistance
  • Security Hood Pin
  • Caster frame with removable wheels so you can drive it or have it rest on the casters
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