Do you remember when you learned to drive first? Pulling into a garage for the first time was the daunting task. You had to get your car just-so along with not hitting any tools, lawn equipment, or bikes. Just imagine having to park in the helicopter into the “garage”. A majority of skid-equipped helicopters need 2-4 persons, as per the size, for installing ground-handling wheels making the helicopter able to be moved in & out of the hanger. This is where the significance of helicopter dolly comes into the picture as it transforms ground handling into a one-person job.

Fortunately, helicopter dollies i.e., the landing trailer for the skid-equipped helicopters make the job a lot easier. When it comes to deciding which kind of dolly to buy, the aim is to pick equipment that will manage the greatest number of helicopters as this will allow the operator to optimize its financial resources. Also, choose the one that will, appropriately, work for every helicopter in the fleet. Please note that the unit’s multi-functionality is relevant.

Always remember that every trailer or dolly is not suitable for landing the helicopter on them. Similarly, the trailer or dolly suitable for 1 helicopter may not be suitable for yours.

So, here are some points to keep in mind while getting the right helicopter dolly for yourself –

  • Size, particularly width:
    The dolly should be sufficiently large for the skids to comfortably fit on it with a bit of room to spare, specifically on either side. The platform’s size as related to the helicopter skid width is what will evaluate how much space you have for error. Never forget that the more it is, the better it is.
  • Weight Capacity:
    Is the platform able to support your helicopter’s weight as well as then moving that weight? You would not wish to land on anything that cannot hold the weight. While considering this, make sure to keep it in mind that you may occasionally have harder than a normal landing.
  • Existence of the rails:
    If your trailer or platform has rails or raised edges around it, there might be a bit of trouble. Drifting into one of these rails while under power is the best way to get into the dynamic rollover. So, avoid landing on the surface with raised edges or rails.
  • Surface seamlessness:
    It is quite significant for having the smooth surface to land on to avoid (or reduce at least) the chances of a dynamic rollover in case you seem to drift while settling down. Make sure to not put anything on the platform’s surface which includes tie-down loops, in case you are not required to. In case it is the trailer for the helicopter’s transportation, try to install the tie-down hardware after the helicopter is safely on the deck.
  • Capability to secure:
    Locking brakes or wheels are the best features. Utilize chocks in case you can’t lock the wheels of the platform.
  • Height:
    More often, low is a lot better than high. The lower platform will provide you with the lower center of gravity once you have landed on it. Also, lower heights of dolly prevent mishaps with personnel climbing up the dolly.

Helicopter dollies are majorly established for ease of movement and maximum safety through minimal staffing. This is the major reason why you should make it a point to keep the above-mentioned points in mind while getting the helicopter dolly so that you make a smart buying decision.

Never forget that as far as choosing the right helicopter dolly is concerned, it all comes down to your personal preference and experience. The pilots who support the idea of dolly landing mention that with an appropriate approach and mindset, dolly landings are secure. For instance, take your time with the set down, don’t be nervous and follow proper instructions. Along with this, dolly must be into the wind and sufficiently large for accommodating the helicopter while giving some room for error. Also, beware of those dollies designed for some other purposes and altered for helicopter usage. Ensure the fact that the chosen dolly is suitable before you land on it.

Also, do look for a dolly that has been time tested and with multiple customers. Creative Custom Products has been producing helicopter dolly for multiple customers from a number of years.

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