Aircraft Work Stands are available for a variety of different helicopter and airplane models. The work stands are designed to fit the required work area while ensuring the safety of the worker. The use of the work stand has numerous benefits including providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas, protecting the aircraft from damage, providing safety for employees, and mobility of work services. All work stands carry a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Inquire for pricing and availability.

V-22 Steel and Aluminum Maintenance Platform Features:

Aircraft Wing Stands

  • The V-22 stand has an aluminum deck and steel legs
  • The stand moves up and down 24”
  • Jacks located next to the casters raise and lower the stand
  • Handrails are removable and powder-coated yellow

Aircraft Stands

The nacelle access area has a large deck section that drops down on nylon bushings and with manual jacks. With two people you can crank the access area down and use it as a platform to work on the nacelles

Aircraft Wing Stands

  • The area around the drop-down deck has drop-in handrails to provide fall protection when the deck in the lowered position
  • This large stand has many pieces so each large section has a metal engraved plate used for part identification
  • There is a 24” tall step on the front edge of the stand located in front of the wing for leading-edge wing work
  • All areas that could come into contact with the aircraft have protective bumpers
  • The stand has over the fuselage handrails to provide fall protection for personnel on top of the aircraft
  • Every section has large stickers displaying live and dead loads along with caution/warning stickers
  • The stand is equipped with electrical, air
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