If you need a brake trainer but don‘t have the room for a full vehicle our tabletop brake trainers can give you the tools you need to teach brakes in a classroom setting. We offer small single brake systems in either disc or drum for any vehicle that can be set on a desk and taken apart.

The four-wheel table brake system is great to see the operation, have students identify parts, and bleed the system. This trainer comes in a variety of configurations; drum/disc, 4-wheel disc, with or without vacuum boosters, or high performance. These are available for any year’s make or model vehicle. We can also design them for use with an on-the-car brake lathe.

4 X 4 ABS Trainer

  • Motorized rotation of trainers components
  • Safety guards to protect students from getting hurt


  • Cutaway sections to allow students to see inside components
  • Full electrical testing capabilities for the ABS system

Brake Trainer

Four-Wheel Brake Trainer Stand

  • Four-wheel disc and drum braking system
  • Fully functional in operation
  • Two frame mounted master cylinder


  • Functioning parking brakes and levers
  • Mounted to an optional powder-coated stand with casters

Custom application requests are available

Brake Trainer with Booster

Chevy or Ford Four-Wheel Brake Trainer Stand w/ Booster


  • Four-wheel disc and drum braking system
  • Fully functional in operation
  • Two frame-mounted vacuum boosters
  • Two frame-mounted master cylinders
  • Functioning parking brakes and levers
  • Electric vacuum pump assist

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