We provide state-of-the-art engine run stand trainers. We can build trainers that have the latest and greats technologies. If you are looking for a way to train your students or staff on the newest exhaust systems required in the heavy truck diesel engines we can provide you with that. We have built simple trainers that run and operate as they would in a vehicle to complex trainers that have random intermittent faults that can be turned on wirelessly.

Diesel Engine Stands

All of our run stands come standard with various safety features to make sure your students are safe.


  • Complete Functioning Diesel Engine
  • Any Engine Application Available
  • Custom Fuel Cell w/ Level Indicator
  • Control Panel w/ Gauges and Indicators
  • Scan Tool Connection for Faults and Live Data
  • Vandal and Safety Features Incorporated in Design
  • Optional electronic fault insertion by laptop or mobile phone
  • Optional clear glass tubes on coolant lines to show flow
  • Exhaust systems with DPF and SCR for late model years
  • Instructor Faults and Break Out Boxes Available

Safety Features

All of our run stands come standard with a variety of safety features to make sure your students are safe.


  • Steel guards on all rotating parts that could injure someone.
  • Warning labels such as pinch point, caution hot exhaust, and caution rotating parts
  • An emergency shutdown switch that will shut the trainer down instantly if there is a problem
  • Large heavy-duty battery disconnect that isolates the battery from the trainer for when you need to work on it or for long periods or storage so you don’t drain the battery
  • All radiators have expanded metal to protect students from getting burned but also to protect the radiator from damage when moving the trainer around
  • All exhaust component have expanded metal to protect from students accidently touching the hot exhaust

Standard Features

All of our run stands come standard with a variety of safety features to make sure your students are safe.


  • Throttle pedal to control engine RPM
  • Instrument cluster to monitor engine vitals
  • Forklift tubes to lift and move engines
  • Sturdy steel frame on casters with brakes for easy movement
  • Custom aluminum fuel cell
  • Battery and fuse panels
  • Keyed ignition switch

Optional Features

We also offer an extensive amount of options to our engine trainers.


  • You can add a Break Out Box that gives you the ability to introduce fault for students to diagnose and has test points for reading values. The test point panel significantly extends the usage life of the trainer harness by making it so students do not have to back probe connectors or remove connectors to perform tests
  • OEM test point labels are available for easier identification of the test points
  • e offer full vinyl covers with zippers that protect the trainer when it is not in use
  • Clear sight glass tubes with LED’s so students can see coolant flow
  • Test point at sensor locations
  • Larger capacity fuel cells for longer run times
  • Instrument cluster protective cover
  • Stainless steel exhaust

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