The Bendix Air Brake Trainer is a fully functioning tractor and trailer braking system with a configuration that is common to standard equipment found on many models of heavy trucks in current production. The trainer is outfitted with a Bendix in cab ABS, ACT, ESP controller also a TABS trailer ABS controller with all corresponding electrical and air components. It consists of a rolling powder-coated frame with locking casters. The front tractor boards contain brake system components, the Anti-lock brake control unit with modulator valves, the main control panel, and 4 digital wheel speed readouts. The rear board contains the trailer brake system components with the rear ABS controller and 2 digital wheel speed readouts. The system has six-wheel speed sensors. LED wheel speed readouts to show vehicle speed at each wheel.

The main control panel contains system power controls, a fuse block for circuit protection, warning indicators (ABS, Low-pressure warning, PLC, ATC), a blink code switch, an Ignition switch, a 6-pin Deutsch connector wired to J1587 standards for scan tool communication, ABS selection mode switch, ABS on/off switch, ABS/ATC mode, Axle selection switch.

Bendix Air Brake Trainer with ABS, ATC and ESP

  • Bendix premium EC-60 electronic controller
  • Shows real ABS and ATC traction events while students observe component function
  • Digital wheel speed readouts located at each wheel to observe (i) basic truck brake application operations & (ii) wheel speed acceleration / deceleration cycling during Abs and ATC
  • J1587 diagnostic port to allow use of a laptop or handheld scan tools
  • Real world faults incorporated for developing diagnostic ability

  • ESP functionality available as an option

Orion Air Brake Trainer

  • This system designed for Orion VII NG (CNG) buses
  • System designed to teach principles, operational theory and maintenance of air brake systems
  • System includes interlock system and common faults related to air brake system
  • Optional with or without ABS

Orion Air Brake

  • Similar system done for other buses or semis
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