Our automotive electrical trainers provide a training platform to teach the fundamentals of electricity as well as how the general principles apply to the automotive field. Coverage is available for every automotive system equipped on vehicles today. We offer trainers that simply show how a relay works and a light bulb all the way up to a complex CAN network trainer that has multiple modules you communicate and control with a scanner. Some of the trainers are interactive in the way that a student has to wire the trainer themselves with jumpers and see if the trainer operates the way it should. All of our larger electrical trainers come with a built-in power supply and manual faults. The front panels are laser printed on durable ABS plastic so they are durable yet easy to clean.

The electrical trainers have some options available you can add to them.

  • You can add more faults standard number is 6 but we can add more or less if needed
  • We offer a keypad with an LCD display for fault insertion if you don’t want manual fault switches
  • Intermittent faults can be added to any trainer for any fault
  • We offer a wide range of wireless fault insertion options

#250 Relay Trainer

#250 Relay Board/Cooling Fan Circuit Trainer


  • Trainer demonstrates how relays operate in a cooling fan circuit on a late model GM vehicle.
  • Allows students to build the circuits themselves with supplied jumper leads and test the built circuits.
  • Teaches how a relay is controlled and operates in series or parallel with each other.
  • The bulbs represent a cooling fan and the brightness relates to the fan speed. When wired, switches will turn on the bulbs in one of 3 modes: one bulb will light, both bulbs will light at half brightness, or both bulbs will light at full brightness, showing different speeds of the cooling fans controlled by the PCM output switches.
  • Power supply circuit test points are protected against reverse polarity
  • Trainer is in small for

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